Soredex Cranex® 2D Digital Imaging


CRANEX® D is a modern high quality digital panoramic and cephalometric imaging system. Clear, precise and dynamic digital X-ray images, with stable, comfortable patient positioning, make your day-to-day diagnostics easy and accurate. The simple, hands-on design supports fluent workflow for excellent care.

CRANEX® D is built for contemporary high-pace dental care, where reliability is key. Like a faithful workhorse, it keeps your practice running, uncompromised.


CRANEX® Novus e makes digital X-ray a no-brainer. It’s fast and easy, with straightforward workflow and functions. Super easy to learn and use, it features handy default settings that let you take high quality images without hassle.

Icing on the cake, CRANEX® Novus e produces excellent image quality straight out the machine. What you image is what you see.

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