Sirona® ORTHOPHOS 2D Digital Imaging

Sirona Orthophos 2D digital x-ray units satisfiy even the greatest demands of dental practitioners regarding panoramic imaging.

In combination with the pioneering Sidexis 4 software for image processing, the Orthophos SL also offers a unique variety of innovative solutions for the practice workflow. Patients appreciate the soothing Ambient Light, which offers a choice of over 30 colors for a pleasant atmosphere in your X-ray room that perfectly matches the style of your practice.

The Orthophos XG5 2D offers a wide range of diagnostic options and striking image quality. its horizontal and vertical options help reduce pediatric panoramic exposure and is ideal for practices which treat a lot of children.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient diagnostics thanks to exceptional image quality
    • Always following the ALARA principle, our 2D imaging family makes sure that you can count on the image quality you need for the given indication at the lowest possible dose.
  • Reproducible results thanks to easy handling
    • The stable patient positioning systems as well as the intuitive control panel have been designed to reduce to its bare minimum the learning curve and to support your practice efficiency.
  • Digital advantages that make your life easier
    • No dark room, no chemicals, less running costs, less dosage, faster workflows. These are just some of the benefits our digital 2D family brings to your practice.

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