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KaVo® 3D Digital Imaging

Enjoy our dental 3D CBCT X-Ray machines for high quality images and highly comfortable patient positioning.

Designed to enhance the diagnostic and preparatory phase of a diverse array of dental procedures, this examination equipment has the power to enhance the outcome and final results of many procedures including implantology, surgery, orthodontics and preservative dentistry by providing a strong start to the process through detailed image analysis. With KaVo’s 3D eXam+ System, your clients will be able to look forward to satisfying results every time. With all of KaVo’s CBCT X-ray units, our engineers and experts strive to create “smarter” products that significantly reduce the amount of radiation that a client might be exposed to during a traditional CT scan. By reducing the amount of radiation and eliminating excessive exposure, professionals and their patients can enjoy a healthier experience and equipment becomes more energy-friendly and consequently more economical when it comes to long term use.

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